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AirCond4u was founded in 2021, by a group of partners who are passionate about building a platform that bridges the gap between technology and air conditioner servicing. We believe that getting your air conditioner serviced regularly should be a fast, hassle-free, and fun experience. At the same time, we also want to uplift and empower air conditioner technicians: to provide them access to a market much larger than what was possible without the platform. By combining the years worth of experience of our partners in the fields of air conditioner servicing technology, we strive to transform and digitize the air conditioner servicing market in Malaysia for both our customers and service providers.
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If you are an aircond services technician, and you are looking for opportunities in your business growth.

We are the leading aircond service platform in Malaysia. Sign up for our Aircond4Tech Tech App or Contact Us now to know more!

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