Cancellation Policy

What is Cancellation Policy?

We know your schedule can change quickly, but rescheduling or skipping a booking with short notice will causeourtechniciansto lose valuabletime.Therefore, there will be fees appliedwhenabookingiscanceled or rescheduled within 4working hours of your booking’s start time.

Type Description Fee/ Refund
Cancellation Cancel the booking only if a technician has not accepted the bookingyet 100% refund (Subject to e-payment gateway charges).
Cancel the booking after it has been accepted by the technician RM20.00 of the total booking fee Forfeited
Reschedule Reschedule 4 working hours before the appointment. No charges applied
Cancel or reschedule less than 4 working hours before the appointment RM30.00 of the total booking fee forfeited
Our technician arrives for a scheduled booking, but they’re unable to contact you, gain entry or get started.

If you thought your booking was canceled, or thereareother issues regarding your booking, please contact us via Message at Aircond4u App.
No refundallowed (100% of total booking fee forfeited)
Technician no show Technician no show and we’re unable to find a replacement technician. Reschedule with us! soonest slot available for today/or/ you can choose to reschedule/or/ we will 100% refund to you. (Subject to e payment gateway deduction).
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